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Before and After Pictures of how well WOUND WONDER® works! 
These results are not unique - it will work like this for you too!!
Here are some examples of recent successes: 
 Kick injury to hock on 6/29/11
Same injury - in only two days!  7/1/11
Same injury - one week later! No stitches; not wrapped, Back to dressage work!
3/15/13 "Emma"
Pressure sore from prosthesis due to 
"Hyper Activity" with 
After 1 week  of 
WoundWonder  HC
therapy under wrap, the injury is contracting and proud flesh is minimal!  Swelling reduced.
One month later: wound is essentially healed. No swelling, minimal scaring.

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"The results are unbelievable! I use it for "scratches", cross country injuries, and dermatitis problems. It's the best product I've seen; it works so fast!". 
Lindsey Taylor,  groom to Boyd Martin

"I get sent caseloads of wound products to try, and this is the only one that works. I am so impressed with how effective it is - even in my dogs ears!". 
Clara Finger, DVM, PhD Diplomate ACVIM 

"We just had another successful use of the product. A kick to the forearm that was treated with caustic powder. Finally used 
Wound Wonder, and in 3 days it had improved more than it had over 2 weeks with the other product!"
Will Tankard, 6 goal Polo Player
These are pictures of the refractory scratches horse you sent me Wound Wonder for. No change with the first week's application. Started wrapping after application a week ago and now starting to see good improvement!"
Sherry Teegardin, DVM
Central Michigan Equine Veterinary Service, LLC


"TEDDY",  FL Boarder Collie:   "SEASONAL  CONTACT                                                                                          ALLERGIES"

IL & SC LABRADORs :              "HOT SPOTS"

"ANNIE the SNOTWEILER":      Interdigital Dermatitis

"Janice " & "STRIPE":      Feline  OTITIS EXTERNA

"Dr. B,  Plumas Animal Rescue Staff, TMTC" : 
      Winter Digital Finger Cracks; THE BEST!

       7 Year Old QH Mare with    
        longstanding Facial Sarcoid  

             WOUND WONDER 
​                    1 X DAILY

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